A Very Stenner Christmas

As usual, I love to capture details. The faint smile while napping on the sofa, the jingling addition to the door knob, the flames inside the snowman candle, Mum’s hand as she writes the dishes for Christmas dinner and the slight Pinterest touch to the dining room table.

Christmas at the Stenner house the past three days has been absolutely joyous–a constant turnaround of life-long friends and food, to top it all off. However, my favourite part is always the lighting 🙂 Enjoy!

IMG_4944 IMG_5016 IMG_5019 IMG_5025 IMG_5028 IMG_5031 IMG_5036 IMG_5043 IMG_5047 IMG_5049 IMG_5058 IMG_5060 IMG_5066 IMG_5073 IMG_5075 IMG_5080 IMG_5082 IMG_5097 IMG_5100 IMG_5102 IMG_5104 IMG_5111 IMG_5119 IMG_5124 IMG_5131 IMG_5135 IMG_5137 IMG_5138 IMG_5139 IMG_5148 IMG_5151 IMG_5152 IMG_5156 IMG_5161 IMG_5169 IMG_5170