Bee Stings

This evening I got stung by a bee. 

My mum’s love language is service. So, as chores are obviously a given (I say regretfully), she loves extra things that we girls do to help around the house. Okay, well watering the plants was on the list for me to do, so it wasn’t anything extra, but I simply wanted to give you some context.


This fine summer evening, I walked to the back porch with our blue watering can to feed all of our beautiful plants, and all of a sudden, STIIIIIIIIING! AAAAAAHHHHHH! A bee attached itself to my wrist and got out his little stinger. 

After swatting at the insect with my handy dandy watering can for a solid 4 seconds, it finally detached itself from my shriveling (okay, I’m being dramatic) flesh. May I inform you: that’s quite a while when a bee is injecting poison into one’s bloodstream.

You see, when I was one, I was stung by the same bee 7 times on my neck. After being rushed by the EMS (which ironically happen to be my initials) and declared allergic to yellow jackets/wasps, my parents were told that if I were to be stung again that I’d go into shock. I hadn’t been stung until today, so this episode was a wee bit frightening. 

Back to the present. So as the next few minutes of anti-septic cream, allergy pills, anti-bug spray (or whatever it was), crying, and “ow ow owwwww-ing” unraveled, I ended up on the couch with a missing contact and an ice bag on my wrist.

Let’s say that it was an interesting night at the Stenner house. 

After about twenty minutes and some medicine in my system, I decided to finish the job. So I went back outside. Only to be ambushed by the same bee! I was like, “Woah there bee, what’s your problem?” 

….. Now you think I’m weird. I promise I didn’t talk to the bee. But that’s what was running through my brain. Basically, the same flipping bee rammed itself into my neck like a charging rhino. But no no, I had the privilege of swatting the not-so-poor (because he had my blood…gross) bee before he could lash out his anger on me again. 


So how does this relate to serving others? I’m not so sure.

I just wanted to lay out my extremely dramatic story about being stung by a bee. Thanks for reading!