Crying Out

My sinful and lazy self cries out for mediocrity, settles for the available. My flesh constantly cries out for desires filled, day dreams a reality, me-time a given.

However, my life is the Lord’s–my heart, mind and soul led by Him. Operating with the Holy Spirit as a guide, as life giver, He calls me to go higher. To not settle for the patterned mediocrity of a stagnant life.

God living in me calls me to cry out for holiness to be my theme, gushing over into what I say and do.

This Christian thing, this God-man, He is radical. His call to follow Him is life-altering, completely fulfilling, immensely joyful, eternally meaningful. This journey a struggle, yet one that tells of adventures that gladden the soul.

Why do I sin again and again, leaning into mediocrity? God dwelling in me, I cry out for you to daily drag me from mediocrity and complacency. Make me regenerate every moment–cause the life changing gospel of your redemption to stir my heart and be the most appealing thing.