My family and I have been at the beach this week.

It’s been absolutely glorious to soak up lots of sun, take long walks, watch the Olympics (may I add how incredible the British team have been), and read a lot of books.

I’ve had the joy to read a few books this week: Crazy Love, Desiring God, One Thousand Gifts, Celebration of Discipline, and Captivating. 

3 of these books, at some point, brought up the subject of faith.

I’ve been really challenged this week with the verse, “Everything that does not come from faith is sin” (Romans 14:23). Wow wow wee wow. I am a planner to the core. I am a list freak. I like plans! So this verse, and the question, “What in your life requires faith? Does anything?” hit me like a charging rhinoceros. 

Why do I think that I have to control anything? Am I sinning by thinking I can do everything by myself? Actually, yes. Am I giving God an opportunity to come through for me because of faith? No, I’m not.

Friend, God wants to be your rescuer. It brings Him glory! Let Him come through for you.

It is not worth it to hold everything on your own shoulders. Stop sinning, stop controlling. Live by faith! 



(I hope that you all realize that I preach to myself in every blog post).