One Year

I’d like to wish my blog a happy one-year-old birthday!

My apologies for not blogging of late. I’ve missed it, and I hope you have too!
Once life settles down [after a time-consuming variety show called Step Sing ends] I shall get back to blogging more consistently.

I’m so thankful for all who have read/subscribed to this blog this year. New things are on the horizon so keep your eyes peeled to read about what God’s doing!

A little quote to send you off onto your next activity [preferably sleep]:

Thanksgiving is the manifestation of our “Yes!” to His grace” – Ann Voskamp

So, instead of complaint, be thankful today. Be responsive to the grace shown you. Manifest His grace in your life by giving praise back to Him through thanksgiving.

Make sense? Wonderful. Now, how shall we live it?