6 Tips For Senior Session Outfits

I remember it like it was yesterday… senior events left and right! And guess what, you needed an outfit for every single one! Some people will convince you that you need a new outfit for every event, but in the grand scheme of things, you don’t 🙂


But I will say… outfits for your senior portrait session are significant! Your Mum will frame this on her wall and love looking at it when you’re at college. These pictures, you see, are really for your parents. They love capturing moments in time to remember what that phase of life looked like. So, here are my tips to choosing the perfect senior session outfits!


Choose two outfits that represent you…

Are you the type who prefers going out in jeans and a cute top? Pair those everyday items with fun, big earrings and wedges. Do you loooove dressing up? Bring your A-game with a flowy dress! What’s an outfit you’ve been saving for a session like this? Now is definitely the time!


Show Me Your Colours

You can never go wrong with jewel tones (deep maroon, green, blue) or romantic pastels (blush, pink). These either bring out your beautiful skin colour or create a softer look.


Think about the neck.

… line. That was a weird headline, wasn’t it? Let’s just agree that together. Think about the neckline! Choose something that you feel is slimming, flattering and covers anything you’d like.


Always wear heels or wedges.

No pain, no gain, ladies! Heels elongate your legs, make you feel way cooler than flats and give you the ultimate reason to “pop” your foot – Princess Diaries style!


Ditch the patterns.

I’ll spare you the details, but cameras sometimes have a hard time with tiny patterns. Opt for shirts or dresses with patterns larger than a dime so that the camera can pick up every detail. We want the viewer to be drawn to your facial features first instead of your clothes.


Avoid super bright colours.

As you can see in my style, I looooove vibrant colours! But we’ll let nature speak for that instead of letting your clothes speak for that. Please avoid bright red, orange or neon.


To end our short time together on the Internet, here are a few stores to find the outfit you’ve been looking for. Happy shopping and good luck, friends! I hope you find the perfect outfit for you.