Alex | Daffodil Field Portraits, Birmingham, AL

Alex and I met on a golf cart.

While at my my previous job one day in June, I was photographing for Hope Heals camp. Alex plans and executes these camps to minister to families with disabilities, and she absolutely rocks at it. We had coordinated for me to photograph for the day, and she drove me around while simultaneously crushing every detail and answering questions left and right.

These days, Alex and I work at coffee shops, shoot weddings, travel and hang out together. She’s such a fun friend to have and is always up for an adventure. She has a brilliant, creative mind and guess what? She’s the brains behind my brand!! I’m super thankful for Alex and her heart for God, the way she inspires me creatively and the interest she has in people.

She found a daffodil field by her house the other day and immediately we jumped on the chance to take each other’s portraits. It looked like a fairy land, and Alex is a model¬†magician.¬†I hope you enjoy these!