Botanical Gardens Portrait Session | Birmingham, AL

I’ll go ahead and give you the bottom line of this blog post….. My friends are awesome. That’s all!

I’ve known both of them for a little over two years, but it really feels like forever! Jenn and I worked together at Samford in the Office of Admission for two years. I did marketing, and she is a boss and oversees all Orientation, recruitment team and daily tour programming. She is immensely passionate about her work and continually pours out her life to serve others. Not to mention, she is a mean cook!! I would tooootally be okay if she cooked all my meals forever.

Caroline and I lived together for a year at what we named “The Stable” — our sweet little house that was home to six of us. We got to be great friends and have walked through a lot of life together at this point! She is a pure gift with the most contagious laugh and the corniest jokes (love ’em) and she challenges me daily to cling to Christ. Also, it’s her birthday week!!!

I’m thankful for willing friends who will dress up with an afternoon’s notice and bear with me as I used my new Spotify playlist! It was fun to photograph these beauties and I hope you get a chance to soak up the majesty of nature this spring!

Thanks for being my friend. I love you two!!