Botanical Gardens + Samford University Senior Session: Anna Dreher

Sweet Anna is full of life, and she’s a real bulldog at heart! I loved galavanting around the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and the illustrious Samford University for her senior portraits.

At this point, I graduated college seven years ago, and it’s never lost on me how much I love living close to Samford still! Campus is my third home (Botanical Gardens is second, ha!) and I’m thankful that I get to shoot there multiple times a week in the spring! I know every nook and cranny like the back of my hand (unless we’re talking about Greek housing; in which case I still need someone to explain why people take frat laps…) so it’s a creative challenge making every session look different.

Anna is staying in Birmingham after graduation which is SO exciting, and I’m thrilled for her graduation!


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Want to know more?