Caroline Hawkins: Senior Portraits in Birmingham, AL

Auburn is gaining another awesome girl this fall! Caroline Hawkins is graduating from Vestavia High school next month, and she can’t wait to see what her first semester in college will bring! To commemorate this awesome achievement, we met up at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens to shoot some senior portraits.


The Botanical Garden flowers have been perfectly in bloom recently! I take every opportunity I get in Spring and early Summer to shoot there. It’s too beautiful not too! Plus, there are plenty of shady spots around that create the perfect lighting for these portraits. It’s a photographer’s dream!



To end our shoot, we drove over to Crest Road, another one of my favorites. Caroline’s mom tagged along, and I got to hear all about their plans for the summer before Caroline is off to school! I hope she and her family have a ton of fun making memories before Fall ┬árolls around, and I wish Caroline the best of luck in school!