Downtown Birmingham Parking Deck Session

My sister came in town this weekend! Are you surprised that we had a little photoshoot on a downtown parking deck?!

One of my favourite things about time spent together is how Sarah just gets me. There are some people in life (hopefully you have more than one) who understand your thought processes, sense of humour and the way you think. Sarah is just that! She is kind, compassionate, funny, easy-going, godly and unpredictable. She’s always surprising me with the things she enjoys and the things she’s learning. It’s fun having grown up with someone and continuing to learn their likes and dislikes, things that make them tick and just enjoying their company.

I’m thankful for sisters I love hanging out with! Sarah and I ate at Shake Shack and Panda Express, made cheesecake from scratch, went to church, made spaghetti for friends, went on a walk at Samford, attended Step Sing, watched Sweepstakes and just enjoyed time together. This is from our little photoshoot at a parking deck in downtown Birmingham in the late afternoon.