Fall Minis 2021: Crest Road, Birmingham AL

The Horns

I met Bryant and Lindsay for the first time at this session, and we discovered we go to the same church! They are a precious couple and it was wonderful getting to know them.


The Evans

I’ve known the Evans for a few years now, and it’s a joy to see their family grow! I can’t wait to meet baby Charlie this winter.


The Moore Family

Tori and Kyle met through Samford A Cappella Choir years ago, and I had the privilege of singing with them during that time.⁠⁠ Now, their days are spent rocking Penelope while singing. I think they were trained pretty well for this!



The Kents

Sarah has become one of my dearest confidants the past year, sharing life with me and offering wisdom weekly. She and Kevin have been married for two years and I loved having them in front of my camera!