Kobe | Main Street Senoia Senior Portraits

Last May, I met and photographed the Fry family. They live in my parents’ neighbourhood, and we met up one sunny evening at the neighbourhood park. I went into the session thinking, “Oh goodness, they have four boys. How is this session gonna go?!” But let me tell you about this family…

Their four boys have watched their parents, Matt and Tiffany, adore each other day in and day out. They’ve watched Matt actively and consistently make time for Tiffany, take her to concerts (this year alone, they’re going to see Journey, JT and Taylor Swift!) and travel the world together. They love each other’s company, and you can just tell that their marriage is healthy and strong after all these years.

During Kobe’s session I asked Tiffany about their marriage, and she said, “We want our boys to know that our marriage is the most important relationship. If our marriage suffers, we’re not the best parents. Even though we love our boys tremendously, our marriage always comes first.” 

I strongly admire that quality about their marriage. Their boys respect it. And they’re a close family because of it.

We ventured down to Senoia (always a classic), and camped out at Seavy Street Park and an alley behind Main Street. Senoia is full of ivy-laced walls, wrought-iron staircases, old houses and lush greenery….so don’t be surprised that I love this place! Kobe came into the session calm and collected, and his confidence only grew as I told him how much of a natural he was in front of the camera! I think you’ll agree…