Opera Headshots in Harlem, New York

My best friend of nine years and her roommate asked for an impromptu photoshoot in their East Harlem apartment while I was in New York City last week. It ended up being such good creative fuel and really fun!

Kathleen and Abi are both opera singers. They grew up with each other in Dallas, Texas, and now they both reside in New York to pursue the dream. The images of Abi with both computer and music book open were intended to depict the life of an artist in New York City. Full time job by day, hustling artist by night! I so admire Abi and Kathleen for continually pursuing the arts, pushing their voices to their limits and seizing potential in every audition.

It’s kinda the best when you have actors in front of your camera — there’s no way it’s not going to be GOOD!!