Samford University Valentine’s Mini Session: Cherie + The Girls

Similar to my last post, Cherie and I didn’t really get to know each other until six months ago.

We took similar classes, had the same major and were both involved in Samford’s music school during our time as students. And it wasn’t until I saw one of her Facebook posts and reached out that we became friends!

We sat down over coffee at Seeds and realized how similar our stories were. Some pain and heartbreak, but an even bigger story of God’s kindness and deliverance. Cherie is one of those people that anyone can instantly connect with. She’s kind, funny, thoughtful, honest and strong. I’m honoured to be her friend.

Cherie chose to do a Valentine’s session with three girls that have uniquely impacted her this year. I loved this idea, and at the end she shared a very heartfelt encouragement with her tribe about how they’ve been supportive. Each of these girls were so fun to meet and I’m thankful to see a group of friends who upholds each other.