2021 Wedding Recap

MAN, what a year it’s been! I’m so grateful for each and every client, couple, business and encourager. Choosing to work with me is the greatest gift, and I’m thankful for a year of being let in to treasured moments! It’s been a busy busy year, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This blog post is one of my favourites to put together ALL YEAR. It’s time-intensive, but it gives space to reflect on all the AMAZING experiences from this year and the incredible relationships formed! I missed getting a picture with a small handful of couples, but I loooove having the pictures below documented. So special!



This year included …

162 galleries

41 portrait sessions

32 mini sessions

26 weddings

27 brand sessions

13 church events

2 new cameras

1 new intern

1 new monthly email newsletter

Trips to Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, Charleston and 30A

4 rotatable outfits 😂 I had a few different outfits this year, but the trusty bumbag (honestly need to buy one that fits haha, the strap is soooo long!), jumpsuit, Adidas shoes and camera harness have accompanied me for every wedding this year!


Thank you to Sweet Julep Photography, Deidre Ruth Photography, April Whinery Photography, Jana Musselwhite Photography, Cathrine Taylor Photography, Olivia Jones Photography, Grace Paul Photography, Anna Bullington Photography and Valerie Mathews Photography for behind the scenes!


2021 Wedding Recap

Each and every couple’s story from this year had an impact on me. Whether it was quick glances, a father’s speech, a tribute to a relative, a carousel ride at the zoo, a deep conversation with a parent or hilarious first looks, each wedding held so much emotion and love. Here’s a quick recap of each wedding! There’s no way I could show EVERY image with you, so you’ll have to click on the blog posts for more! Let’s begin! 



Bea + Christian Harry | The Barn at Shady Lane

We started off the year so well with the Harrys. The girls got ready at Christian’s parents’ gorgeous house, and it was such a calm morning. I photographed Christian’s brother’s wedding in 2019 so I loved seeing the Harry family again. They are so welcoming and kind, and Bea + Christian are wonderful together!



Sarah + Matt Gray | Vinewood Stables

Oh man, I love these two. They’re caring, kind, thoughtful and great question-askers, as well as the life of the party and GREAT to celebrate! Their precious day at Vinewood Stables was a highlight of my winter! Catch their engagement session here.



Meaghan + Andrew Abrahamson | Naylor Hall

This wedding was all kinds of romantic. Megan was an absolute knock-out in her stunning gown, and her bridesmaids doted on her with tears in their eyes all day. Megan and Andrew started off marriage surrounded by their most supportive people at Naylor Hall in Atlanta and it was a gift to photograph! 



Emily + Joe Randall | B&A Warehouse

Ever since their wedding, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with chinoiserie. I see it everywhere and think of Emily and Joe’s electric wedding. They danced HARD, designed the space like nobody’s business and experienced intimate and special moments together. A blast and one for the books!! Catch their engagement session here



Jill + Bradley Prichard | The Birmingham Zoo 

I mean, can you go wrong with a zoo wedding? I don’t think so! Jill and Bradley are Alabama-born, Californina-living sweethearts who love exploring, hiking and spending their days on the beach. It was fun to photograph them in a place they love, surrounded by animals and the best people!



Katy + Jeremy Schram | Sibyl Temple + The Battery

I cannot explain how unique this wedding was! It was chill, hilarious, creative, spur-of-the-moment and passionate. We scooted throughout the city and incorporated so many personal elements into the day.



Andi + Trigg Langner | Homewood Suites

The Langners had to switch their last-minute venue plans because of weather, so we all huddled into the Homewood Suites off 280 in Birmingham and had the best time celebrating Andi and Trigg at their intimate ceremony. It was lovely and special and all things happy! Look out for their part II wedding in April 2022!



Morgan + Caleb London | White Crest Farm

One of my favourite moments of the year: singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” underneath a pink and blue sky. The moon was out to play, and all remaining guests circled around Morgan and Caleb as they had their final dance together. I was crying behind the lens witnessing this magical moment that launched these two into marriage! Catch their engagement session here.



Amelie + Taylor Holland | Camelot Manor

If there was one word to describe this wedding it would be “hype.” Amelie on the dance floor is the best kind of Amelie, and I’m pretty sure Taylor’s cheeks hurt by the end of the night from delighting in his bride. These two are a powerhouse team, and it was clear by all the special people that showed up to support them. What a day! Catch their engagement session here.



Shelly + Jake Stallings | Swann Lake Stables

Two of the funniest people you’ll ever meet! This wedding was special because it was their second COVID wedding! Their first wedding looked a lot different than they thought, so they dressed up again a year later and experienced the whole day, except without some restrictions! It was joyous, and I’m pretty sure I belly-laughed multiple times with these two! 



Molly + Joseph Osborn | Park Crest Events

It was their second COVID wedding (similar to Shelly and Jake’s!), and it was just as sweet as the first. Unfortunately we had some rain, but it didn’t stop the Osborns (or Mojo as they called themselves 😂) from partying. Their family is big and loud, so you can only imagine the incredibly fun dance floor! 



Andrea + Trevor Knaus | The Estate at Cherokee Dock

Honestly? I was blown away by this wedding. The venue was Reba’s old house overlooking a lake in north Nashville, and the Lord was so kind to give us a blazingly gorgeous sun to work with at the very end! Andrea and Trevor have continued to be friends well past their wedding day, and that’s the reason why I love this job. Documenting their engagement season and their wedding were high honours, but keeping in touch is my favourite. 



Jenn + Chris Taunton | Duck River Ranch

It was muggy and so hot outside, but Chris’ family home in Cullman was the perfect venue to host this precious union. Jenn and Chris had waited a while for marriage, so this day was a long-anticipated celebration. And you.could.tell it on their faces! They were radiant with joy, loved spending the day together and ended the night on a field with horses … can you get any better?! 



Katie + Hardie Kimbrough | Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church + Hoover Randle House

I really really love these two. Having become good friends with Katie, it was a gift to spend the day with her and Hardie! They’ve been together for a long time and love each other so much, so their wedding day was the best reflection of their relationship. They couldn’t be more different, but they complement each other so well and are such a good team. This wedding day was a true dreeeeeam. Catch their engagement session here.



Weathers + Thomas Rollings | Willow Point Country Club + Birmingham Zoo

This Friday AND Saturday wedding extravaganza gave us lake views, zoo experiences, carousel rides and a WHOLE lot of fun. From hilarious moments to walking through grass in the rain, Weathers and Thomas were up for anything and brought the party with them wherever they went. I love the Rollings’ so much and was so honoured to spend this two-day event with them! 



Jane + Zach Ivey | Thomas Jefferson Tower

Woah buddy, Jane has some PIPES! She belted the lyrics to “At Last” in front of all reception guests and brought the house down! My mouth was agape photographing it, and it basically stayed like that all day getting to document the Iveys’ love. We walked throughout downtown, laughed so much and watched all the planning come together on a beautiful night. Catch their engagement session here.



Lena + Miles Sharp | St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church + Hoover Country Club

After three months, he just knew. Lena was it for Miles, and that’s just the beginning of the story! Their lovely September wedding had perfect weather, beautiful details, a special ceremony and so many tender moments! Catch their engagement session here.



Elizabeth + Noah Kane | Decatur Country Club

One of the most documentary weddings I’ve ever had with a few twists and turns was this one! Elizabeth + Noah rolled with the punches effortlessly as monsoon-level winds knocked over decorations, moving their wedding to the country club lobby. It was one of the most memorable wedding days because these two are soulmates, party-starters and so in love! 



Shelly + Sean Mosley | The Mulehouse Wedding

It was the first wedding ever at this venue in Columbia, Tennessee! Shelly was SO GLAM and her pearl-studded dress was a show-stopper. You do not want to miss the concert lights at this phenomenal venue, or their sweet portraits by the courthouse on Columbia’s main street! Catch their engagement session here.



Haley + Drake Shelton | The Sonnet House

I’ve never seen any two people so giddy to get married! I had the pleasure of photographing Haley + Drake’s rehearsal dinner as well as their wedding day, and it was such an honour to sit and hear special words said about their character and their love. Click on the blog post to see Drake having a blast playing the drums during their reception! 



Natalie + TJ Johnson | The Barn at Shady Lane

It’s been the fall of Shady Lane weddings! Natalie and TJ’s wedding was so calm, and I especially loved taking the Johnsons out to the field closer to the entrance. They were full of giggles and loved being with their friends and family. It was an amazingly beautiful day at The Barn! Catch their engagement session here.



Emily + Addison Duke | Christ Fellowship Church + Events at Haven

Emily and I were roommates for three years, and now she has a new one! Addison is perfect for her, and these two soaked up all the attention on the dance floor in the best way! They’re fun, passionate, caring, kingdom-minded, hot hot hot and full of bomb dance moves. I’m thrilled that these two are #TheDukesofWindsor! 



Sara + Matthew Rhodes | The Barn at Shady Lane

If these two were sweeter, I would internally combust! Sara and Matthew love Jesus with their whole lives, and witnessing/documenting their wedding was truly such a God-glorifying experience. Their big smiles match each other, and they are loved by literally everyone they meet. Woohoo for the Rhodes’! Catch their engagement session here.



Maggie + Evan Gove | The Barn at Shady Lane

These two got married in the dark! Maggie wanted their day to be unique, so The Barn at Shady Lane and her family crushed it to create a magical atmosphere after sunset. I’m thankful for flash but also loved the vibe of this precious night! Click the blog post to see the rest of the day in the sun 😍 Catch their engagement session here.



Grace + Christopher Orr | Shades Mountain Baptist Church

The chillest of the chill!! Grace and Christopher got married at 10:30 a.m., and it was a perfect day. Simple and sweet, yet full of so many fulfilled hopes and dreams. I love Grace because she is the personification of her name and approaches life through the lens of God’s grace. I’m so glad these two are MARRIED!!



Elizabeth + Andrew Plan | B&A Warehouse

Santa was at the wedding, so what else do I say other than that?! Just kidding, but Elizabeth and Andrew are awesome together. Their wedding was rainy, chilly, special, unique and timeless … you can’t say all of those adjectives about every wedding! I’m so glad they’re finally the Plans, and they were an AWESOME way to end the year at ESP!! Catch their engagement session here.


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