The Glimpse: November 2018


Favourite Moment

Thanksgiving Day. Food around the table. Lifelong friends. Teaching Brynlee how to roll down a hill. Warm socks and a fire going. And, again, food.

Favourite Personal Picture

I could spend days upon end at the Botanical Gardens and never get bored. The light streaming through the rose garden is unrivaled, and thankfully roses were still in bloom in November — what!? Click here to follow #flowersandthegospel, where I share encouragement and floral images on Instagram!

Favourite Photograph

THESE. TWO. Christen + Eric were all things snuggly, amazingly photogenic and so enjoyable to hang out with! Click here to see their engagement session at Red Mountain Park. This job is the best — getting to spend time with amazing people and capture their love! Cannot wait for their June wedding downtown.

Favourite Piece of Encouragement

The beautiful ordinary. Learning that there is beauty in the ordinary and lifting my eyes to notice.

What I’ve Been Working On….

THIS WEBSITE TOOK FOREVER! But it is here and I am GLAD! I’ve also been editing like a lunatic and put out 15+ blog posts… so go crazy and enjoy! 🙂