The Glimpse: April 2020

As we all settled in to quarantining, we each discovered highs and lows that swing from extreme to extreme. As I’ve been processing life, the unknown and things about myself, there have been two quotes that I’ve clung to in these days and I’d love to share them:

“Hoping is the act of surrender to God’s future based on a deep, calm confidence in his love, wisdom and involvement in the world. It’s to aim our desire over the horizon of this world to the next” – John Mark Comer.

“His nearness is to us our good” – Shane & Shane


This month I spent my first Easter away from home.

That was weird. But it was nice to spend Easter with my roommates watching Shades and CFC online. Shades made it so special by filming at everyone’s homes!

This month I saw some really great views.

I enjoyed going on a few drives with a good bop blasting, windows down and Coke in my hand! I don’t think the beauty of Birmingham is ever lost on me, and it just further solidified my love for this place as I would drive from town to town.

This month I worked a lot.

We launched a new series at Shades entitled “Thriving in Isolation.” It’s been so encouraging and freeing to know that much of Paul’s life was spent in prison, but he wrote so many staples in the New Testament while there. Ethan filmed this at the house and I played the hands of God. Quite a daunting task!!! But it was great to dig my hands in dirt and help art direct this new series. You can watch the video here.

Jordan and I went around to 13 people’s houses to photograph our “Shades at Home” series and it was super fun! We loved meeting new people, hearing how their isolation is going, listening to some good jams in the car and getting out and about to shoot! I’m grateful for ya, bud.

This month I was the Milners’ temporary roomie.

Due to some circumstances at home, I have been living with two of my favourites! We spent a lot of time making cookies, teaching me how not to eat like a bird and watching shows. I’m grateful for them!!

This month my roommate got engaged!!!

I’m so happy for Anne Lyle + Robert, and cannot waaaaaait to photograph their marriage on September 5!! You can see their session here.


This month I used Zoom a lot…

But who didn’t?! My favourite Zoom call was with 28+ Samford A Cappella members! These were my PEEPS back in college and it brought so so much joy to my heart to have everyone on one Zoom call! I hadn’t seen some faces in years and I felt so encouraged by talking with them!


That’s a wrap, peeps!! In these days, my brain capacity is lower than normal but my vitamin D levels are through the roof. We’ve got this!!