The Glimpse: April 2018

Hi, friends! Welcome to The Glimpse, the first blog of a monthly series! I’ll be sharing a wrap-up from each month with my favourite meal, moment, news, random happening, funny situation and picture! Hope you enjoy!

Favourite Meal 

Can I have two? Is that cheating?

  1. It was simple, but it was yummy. I sat on my front porch by myself as evening faded and ate sweet potatoes, baked apples, corn and spinach salad with caesar dressing. Want to know why it was my favourite? 1. Because it was cheap (that’s the way to my heart, peeps), 2. Because it was a quiet moment at the end of a nice week, 3. Because it officially felt like summer and 4. Because I’ve switched from Publix to Sprouts and it’s changing my life.
  2. INDIAN FOOD. I don’t need to say more, but I will. I’ve come to realize that Indian food is to Brits like Mexican food is to Americans. Doesn’t that make so much sense?! I grew up with Indian food as a staple, and it’s always such a treat to eat it with friends in Birmingham. If you’re curious, Taj India and Silver Coin are my favourites!

Favourite Moment

Sitting on the beach with two great friends, eating fruit snacks, napping, reading, watching the waves and soaking in the sun. Click here for highlights of our idyllic 30A trip. Working women have gotta have a spring break, right?!

Favourite News

My sister announced she was pregnant!!! She gave my other sister and I an Easter egg with a t-shirt for my niece that said, “promoted to big sister.” I can’t wait to be an aunt for the second time. If you’ve seen pictures of my niece, Brynlee, you’ll understand why I’m so excited. She’s cute, funny and her hugs melt my heart. She’s Insta famous amongst my friends in Birmingham because she’s just so dang cute!

Favourite Random Moment

I was sitting in Starbucks in Mountain Brook, Alabama when I heard a familiar accent. I turned around and asked a 60-year-old man where he was from. “Brighton,” he replied. My jaw dropped! I said, “Sir, that’s my hometown! I’m from Brighton too!” It’s weird how life works, huh?

Funniest Moment

When my roommate found out I drove up the driveway of the house she bought in Homewood before it was finalized! We’re moving at the end of May! Isn’t it cute?! I’m excited about this front porch 🙂

Favourite Personal Picture

Again…. I’m cheating. Honestly, let’s just chalk up this section because there are going to be a lot more in the future!

Madison, Hayden (her husband) and I hiked at Oak Mountain! We got caught in the rain, but the view was so worth it. I’m grateful for friends in my life who will take an afternoon to hang, see beautiful views and let me take them to new restaurants!

My parents came to Birmingham for the night! They were on their way to Memphis for the MLK50 Conference and had the chance to stop in for dinner at Bar Taco and a walk around Homewood.

Celebrating my dear friend Danielle’s upcoming wedding! I love these crazies.

I looooove this shot from the Birmingham Botanical Gardens! I was wandering amongst the flowers by myself the other day (as one does) and saw this beautiful cluster.

That’s it, peeps! Relatively painless and hopefully mildly entertaining 🙂 Happy May!