The Glimpse: August 2018

Favourite Meal

Did I even eat this month?! Yes… but there is no documentation and most of it was grabbing a loaf of bread on the go and eating in my car…. Fascinating, I know! “Pics or it didn’t happen”, so I guess it didn’t happen.

Favourite Moment

My friend Rachael dedicates a whole month to her birthday and loves to celebrate! (I’m in full favour) I loved that she got all these amazing women + babies together to hang out. I look up to these people so much and am thankful for the community that my church, Shades, has provided the past seven years (whaaat).

Favourite News

You can click here for the full story, but I was told that I no longer have Crohn’s disease! After two years of testing, pain, different medicines and trusting the Lord with my health, I got some miraculous results back that there is no sign of Crohn’s in my body and I no longer have to take medicine. Praising God for this news!!!

Funniest Moment

Right before Matt + Katie’s maternity session, I was scouting the location and accidentally stepped in a swamp-like mud puddle! Envision this: ants crawling over my feet, grabbing leaves to scrape off the mud… all while wearing a dress. I finally gave up, put the shoes UNDER my car and shot the entire session barefoot! If that’s not the epitome of summer, I don’t know what is.

Favourite Personal Picture

THIS CUTIE. Brynlee is the sweetest niece and I love the phase she’s in!

Favourite Photograph

Rachael + Jimmy + I had soooo much fun at their engagement session! I was running around in a romper demonstrating poses and we were laughing the whole time! It was a perfect farewell tour as Rachael prepared to move to Florida to be closer to Jimmy.

Tori + Tanner were my guinea pigs for experimenting with smoke bombs! We had soooo much fun and we couldn’t have pulled it off without my friend Tate running around with the colourful smoke! Check out the blog post here.

Rosa found me on Instagram, and 1.5 months later I photographed her wedding! When they have kids, I’ve already called dibs on babysitting their children. This wedding was so precious, and you can view it here!

Favourite Piece of Encouragement

“Our prayers are not peripheral in his priorities, because our trials and prayers are deeply and intimately connected to his greatest burden as a good Father: his own glory. His glory does not distract him from our pleas — from our cries for daily bread, for forgiveness of our sins, and for protection from temptation. His glory drives him into our true needs. Because he takes pleasure in his name, he will love us with fatherly ferocity — not indifference, reluctance, or impatience.” – Marshall Segall

What I’ve Been Working On….

Great question, self… Basically I’ve been editing all month! Sipping on coffee and bonding with Lightroom has been my life! Also…. here’s a cute baby, because why not.

That’s it, peeps! Months just go by so fast, and I’m pumped to share about September already! Good things coming 🙂