The Glimpse: July 2020

This month we celebrated not only the Fourth of July, but Sarah’s 21’s birthday! 

Everything was flamingo and gold-themed, and we ate a classic Stenner meal, played British childhood games, finished with a firework show and celebrated the baby of the family! We love you, Sarah Kins!


This month my family and I went to the beach!

There are no words to explain just how glorious the sea was on this trip. It looked like glass, was the perfect temperature, felt so still and held so many sand dollars for our fishing! One of the best moments of my life now is swimming past the sandbank at sunset with Sarah, catching sand dollars, watching the day end and experiencing the crystal-clear ocean. We ate some really yummy dinners at home, swam a lot, read a lot, watched gorgeous sunsets and chatted on the balcony!


This month I went to Lake Tahoe, California! 

Some of our oldest family friends flew me out to Sacramento to photograph their family trip. A two-hour drive from the airport to the cabin was what my heart needed, and it was so good to be reminded of my smallness as I drove by stunning mountain views. I had a blast catching up with everyone, eating yummy meals together, laughing a lot and taking some pictures that they’ll look back on with fondness.


This month I photographed some joyful weddings. 

Matt + Mary Catherine potentially had the warmest wedding day ever, but the day brimmed with joy and happiness! I love the fun these two have together and it was such an honour to capture their love. Oh, and our whole Community Group got to celebrate with them! Love these peeps.

I see Leah + Preston everywhere now! We’re new neighbours and I even saw them as they were flying to St. Lucia for their honeymoon! And let’s not even get started on this incredible ring…


This month I got up to some shenanigans, per usual!

Classic Jordan and me… driving around delivering boxes! Just kidding, this is not a regular occurrence, but I’m thankful Jordan loves serving the church as much as I do!


I’ve been trying to cook more this month, and finally made some super yummy and easy meals! Thankful for friends who come over and laugh with you while you cook.


I got some new headshots taken by the lovely Piper Vine Photography! We had soooo much fun, and you can find them allll over the website now!

August will hold lotsssss of joyful wedding celebrations, a ton of exhilirating work at church, seeing friends outside, topping up my tan, editing away, continuing some new writing projects and meeting a few of my friends’ new babies! Can’t wait for another month, as weird as this season may be!