The Glimpse: June 2021

This month, as usual, I photographed some AMAZING people. 

Every session this month included a lot of sweat, but thankfully no blood or tears! I had a great time in Nashville, on top of city decks in Birmingham and sitting in air conditioning in rare down moments 😂



This month our church voted on a new pastor! 

I love the Wright family so much already and am stoked for the future of Shades!!! It was such a gift getting to know them and I’m hopeful for all the Lord is going to do through their ministry. It was a momentous day hearing him preach, listening to his story and getting to affirm his call here. 



This month I got to hop in on the Southern Baptist Convention! 

Nerd alert, I know 😉 But the timing worked out perfectly for me to photograph a wedding in Nashville on a Sunday, stay the night and then hang out with my parents and lots of other friends at day two of the convention! 



This month my old roomie got engaged!!!

It was a great joy squatting in a bush to photograph Emily’s reaction to Addison’s proposal. Em and I lived together for three years and walked many ups and downs together as we dated people, but Addison came along and that was it for her. Praise God for these two!!! I’m thankful for their story and that my old neighbours and I got to celebrate! 



This month I got to see the littles.

We celebrated Dad’s birthday together on a weekend when I was home, and time with these two is always my favourite! Silly songs, dressing up, playing with the corn Instagram filter … they brighten my day anytime they’re around! 



This month I saw God’s grace in creation.

One of the biggest graces I’ve seen in recent days has been my gardenia plant. It just keeps flowering though I barely do anything to it! It reminds me of God’s grace — I could never earn it (though I try) and I don’t deserve it (though I try), and yet He keeps lavishing it on me.



This month I was a little sick!

Who knows what it was, but in my first couple of weeks of full time self employment, I got some sort of bug and was down for the count! I’m grateful for people who love me at my highs and lows. Here is me looking like a bum. 😂



This month roomie was busy!!!

And now she is home! I’m really proud of how Kelly serves. So I treated her to some eye and foot masks when she finished all her travels.



This month I spent a lot of time with Lainey.

…and her parents! While Kelly was gone, I stayed with Rachael and Ethan and Lainey was close by at all times. I’m so thankful for them and how they open wide their doors, never inconvenienced and always welcoming. Everyday, we come up with something fun to do, whether that is juicing fruits, going on coffee or dessert runs, having great conversations, trying exercises or shopping for room decor (my guest room at their house on the left, my room at home on the right!).



This month I visited student camp!

It was super fun photographing at Ocoee Ridge Camp while Shades students were there for a week. I only went for 24 hours but I was wiped out!!!




Alright … that’s enough for now! Onto the best month of the year, because it includes the beach, birthdays for me and my sisters, no weddings or shoots, some rest, lots of catching up and hopefully a lot of picnics!