The Glimpse: June 2022

Well hey, gang! Welcome back to The Glimpse, where I share random personal moments from the month. June 2022 was full of travel, a ton of work, some new house updates, beautiful sessions and weddings and 95+ degrees most days. Which, hey, I love the heat, but 95+ can be suffocating!


This month I did a few home projects. 

After months of considering home ownership, I decided to stay in my little townhome another year. With that said, I finally printed pictures to go in frames that have been empty for two years and put together some new deck furniture. Next up: painting the living room white to open up the space, getting a new dining table set and propogating some plants 🙂 When it comes, home ownership will be really great!



This month, I photographed special moments. 

I say that every month, but it’s true! From newborns to brands to weddings to engagements, this month held a lot of fun, sweat and some fire ant bites. The stuff of dreams!



Spent the Fourth of July with great friends.

It was only my seventh Fourth living in the States in the 17 years we’ve lived here! It was a fun day of lunch with friends, hanging out with my sweet roomie and one of my best friends. It was a beautiful night watching fireworks!




This month, I didn’t take a ton of personal pictures. 

So here we are … snuggles with my favourite littles! I went to the beach with my fam and got great time with each of my niblings. Brynlee, Joshua and Isaac are so funny, sweet and full of energy and I miss them every day!



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