The Glimpse: March 2020

WHAT A WEIRD MONTH… and I anticipate April to be similar! Because of that, I’m not going to stick to my normal glimpse routine of “favourites.” I’m just gonna tell you all the weird things that happened and hope you can track along! 😉


This month we encountered COVID-19 in the States.

Memes flying everywhere, hand washing at an all-time high, social media content production at its finest, people out of work, crime down and domestic violence up. Overnight, the world was flipped on its head and life will never be the same. From now on, we’ll always be a little wary of how we interact with people; we might cringe at hugging tightly (I hope not); and I hope the church will rise to the occasion and see things with a more eternal perspective. My QuaranTeam was Rachael and Ethan Milner. They’re my best buds and were so so gracious to let me stay at their house for 2.5 weeks while my roommates actively worked in the hospital! I had weddings and sessions I still needed to shoot, so I didn’t want to risk getting anyone infected.

We had a blast watching all High School Musical movies; watching Tiger King; taking walks; playing with Lainey; working all day and night; drinking endless amounts of La Croix; snuggled in blankets while vlogging; and cooking meals we normally wouldn’t. They’re the best of the best and I’ve been so thankful to live in this creative hub while we buckled down and worked!


This month I took more nature pictures than ever. 

One sweet gift from God is that coronavirus sprung up around the same time spring did. As people around us are getting infected and dying, the earth itself is coming to life. I couldn’t be more thankful for beautiful weather and beautiful blooms in a season where everything we hear is discouragement. I would linger after sessions, go early to walks and grab my camera unexpectedly to remember the life that is coming. It’s a sweet reminder that God makes all things new! 


This month I used Facetime more than ever to stay in touch with my peeps. 

My niece Brynlee and I sent each other videos back and forth, playing a game of “spot this.” She didn’t quite get it, but I loved getting sweet videos of her saying “Hi Auntie Eleanor!” Keeping up with people was hard before, and coronavirus added another level of complexity with work ramping up and the amount of communication doing the same! However, I’m thankful that people are more eager to connect in these days. I couldn’t be more thankful for Facetime and Marco Polo!!!


This month held two weddings and a few engagement sessions. 

I kid you not, I have the best clients in the world. Four of my couples have had to reschedule their weddings, but have done so with grace, class, trust and calmness. I’ve been so proud of how they’ve seen the eternal perspective and remembered why it is they want to get married. It’s a true honour to work with people with those types of responses! I cannot wait for July-October, because I’ll pack 11 weddings in during that time, and more that will be booked!


This month I GOT HIT BY A DRONE!!!!!!!! 

A videographer accidentally flew a drone into my back and neck. No joke! It was pretty painful at the time, but thankfully the welts cleared up by the end of the evening!


This month I laughed a lot.

Amidst grieving normal life, I also laughed a lot. I can only credit that to praying “restore to me the joy of my salvation” for quite some time, and God answering that prayer. He has lifted my spirits and awed me with His glory — His incomprehensible goodness.


I don’t know if we’re ready for ya quite yet, April, but we’re here regardless!!