The Glimpse: May 2020

Who would’ve believed that we’d be here?! What a strange month… from coronavirus to protests across the world, it’s a time where we’ve been crying out to God.

The Gospel – the truth that Jesus Christ came to earth to forgive our sin forever and give us everlasting life by dying on a cross – is the only hope we have. Jesus knew righteous anger. Jesus knew being marginalized, mocked, spat on, beaten and even killed. Let that sink in. Don’t look away. Dig into the scriptures and see a crucified Saviour who holds out His arms at all times, ready to save, comfort and redeem. He is our only hope.

While tragedies persist, we can still find joy. The Christian life is holding joy and sorrow in both hands at all times. So here’s what this month consisted of…


This month I hung out with my favourite team! 

We finally went back into the office this month and I’m thankful to be back with the best creatives I know! This picture was taken at a Food Drive Thru our church did and it was so encouraging.


This month I went to the beach for a day! 

Anne Lyle and I drove a total of eight hours and stayed at the beach for five. It was the best decision to get out of the house, have some great conversation, listen to some good bops and eat goldfish while watching the waves crash. I’m thankful for this sweet friend!


This month I moved houses!

It was quite the whirlwind, but God has been so kind. It feels so homey and I’m super pumped to begin welcoming people and hosting when coronavirus slows. The whole process of moving incredibly smooth and my community has been amazing to help.


This month I had a lot of picnics and parking lot hangs.

Picnics are allllllways my favourite thing. So to have multiple picnics in one month was such a gift! I had so missed my peeps, and the weather was wonderful in May! 


This month I FINALLY got to see my family after three months!

They had been quarantining pretty hard, so we were unable to see each other for quite some time. Brynlee and Joshua have grown SO MUCH and it was the best to get lots of snuggles, play tennis, celebrate Dad’s birthday, have great talks around the firepit and hang by the kiddie pool. Ha!


This month I found the most perfect, easy pizza recipe!

Literally it’s just one cup of flour and half a cup of water. That’s IT. Put it on a skillet on HIGH for four minutes, then broil for four minutes. And voila! Tasty pizza! 


This month I photographed lots of sessions and two sweet weddings!

Looking back, I can’t believe how busy this month was with the best people!! We tried some new locations and shared a lot of laughs and had the best time celebrating.