The Glimpse: May 2022

This month my friend fell off a horse named Justin Beiber. 

Yep, you read that right … our friend group, known as G Baby Smooth, went to Albany Georgia! We stayed on 9,000+ acres of land and loved every second spending time together, picking blueberries, riding horses (my first time!), visiting Sherwood Baptist Church and eating some reeeeeally good meals. And yes, Rachael fell off Justin Beiber and broke her toe.



This month I hit my high score of typing 113 WPM!

Haha, I was very excited to exceed 110wpm. Nerdy, I know.



This month my Mama came in town for 24 hours. 

We found tiny roses and she tagged along when I photographed a church event!




This month I photographed 11 sessions and two weddings. 

The sweetest people, the most epic sunsets and the best dance floors.



This month I went to England!

Catch the whole trip here!



This month I photographed some special moments at church. 

A new student pastor, baptisms and the like. These history-making moments are my favourites to capture in the life of our church!



This month I spent a lot of time downtown. 

From rehearsal dinners to dinners with people, good gracious alive I love the Magic City!