The Glimpse: May 2022

This month I shot a ton of senior sessions!

Okay, let’s get this straight … senior sessions were NOT a “thing” when I graduated college (to my great regret!), but now that there’s an explosion of seniors filling my calendar, it’s been the BEST time. I’ve truly enjoyed traipsing across Birmingham to celebrate each of these seniors! From Samford to Starkville, congrats to each one!



This month I went to the beach with my niblings!

While my sister and brother in law were attending a conference, I took their kiddos to the beach! They attended sessions; we built sandcastles. Seemed like a pretty sweet deal to me! I loved time with Brynlee and Joshua (like always) and it was great sneaking in snuggles with Isaac when he wasn’t with his parents! 



This month I shot some of the most epic weddings!

From the tippy top of Birmingham’s Vulcan to the sunset fields in Alpine to the colonial architecture of American Village in Montevallo … boy, I was in for a treat with each of these couples. I love April weddings because the earth comes to life, everyone’s got that pre-summer energy and the weather is pretty breathtaking (although you could argue the humidity of the summer is literally breathtaking). It was a privilege documenting days for three couples!



This month I ended the semester with my dgroup girls!

We shot our annual group photos at Botanical Gardens and I’m so thankful for each of these beauties! They bring so much fun and fullness to my life, and I’m going to miss them this summer! 



This month I celebrated Easter with my home church and family! 

Easter egg hunts, worship at three campuses and time together is always great.



This month I found the biggest grape of my life!!!

But have you ever seen a bigger grape?! 



This month I took in a lot of views … and pictures of my feet. 

Time up at the overlook is one of my favourites, but it was sweet to be at the top of the Vulcan and sitting on Samford’s green grass a few times this spring.



This month I traveled, spent time with friends and ate a lot of good food. 

But what’s new, right? 




This month I blew past my typing test score! 

I know you’re thinking “WHAT A NERD” and I’m okay with that. 🤓