The Glimpse: September 2019

This was a GEWWWWD month, peeps. A 10-day trip to England, officially going full time with photography (*see “Favourite Personal Picture), lots of photoshoots, time with friends and travel. Here is The Glimpse: September 2019!

Favourite Moment

Photographing in Dallas for NAMB and getting to spend time with my dear Emily! I traveled for about 30 hours, but consumed a lot of yummy food (namely Torchy’s Tacos and Flower Child… oh my, so good), had some great chats and photographed for an organization I admire. It was a two-day conference centered around evangelism, and I just sat back at points marveling at how God brings so many things together for His good. Hopefully I’ll see you again soon, Dallas!


Favourite News

I’M OFFICIALLY FULL TIME WITH PHOTOGRAPHY! It’s a new chapter in life and I couldn’t be more thankful. Let’s work together in 2020, friend!


Funniest Moment

Cow poop IN my shoe… and nope, there’s not a picture. Alex and I went to England for 10 days and you can read about it alllllllll here.

Favourite Personal Picture

My last day at Shades was on September 17. For the past year and a half, I’ve worked part time at my church – more than part time in many ways and praise God for that. During a pivotal time in my life, God provided this part time job to supplement my photography business. But “supplement” doesn’t even come close to describe the experience.

The past 1.5 years, I worked with THE MOST incredible team on huge projects with significant kingdom impact. The support, passion, excellence, diligence and perseverance of the entire staff is astounding and it was an honour to serve with them. 

The end took me back to the beginning – October 2017 when my life plans were turned upside down. I broke up with the person I thought I was going to marry, and I had NO clue what was next. Except a strong calling to be a wedding photographer and work at Shades for a season. I felt lost and exhausted yet hopeful and confident in the next step.

The past 1.5 years was so intentionally designed by God and that is undeniable looking back. What seemed to me like disaster, God intended for good. I’ve made deep friendships, grown in my skills, fallen in love with puns, found my joy again, worked harder than ever and grown deeper in love with the Lord. And today I’m just happy. I get nervous about the word “happy” because it doesn’t feel very Biblical, but I believe the happiest people are followers of Jesus. Deep joy doesn’t have to be so deep… it can rise to the surface as happiness and that’s a gift!

Someone told me recently, “To you, it feels like a leap of faith. But to God, it’s just the next step.” So excited for this journey! Grateful to still be serving at Shades as a member in this new season. I’m overwhelmed by God’s grace. Surprised by it, but shouldn’t be. Wouldn’t have chosen the past few years for myself, but wouldn’t trade a second.

Pictured below: a fathead of Ed Litton being carried by Jordan. No better picture than to describe my time at Shades, ha! 

Favourite Education

I toured seven venues last month and met some amazing people! I loved seeing more of what the Birmingham market has to offer – trust me, it’s a lot! Venues ranging from private homes to large event spaces. Follow along on my Insta story highlight to see the tours thus far!


Favourite Photographs

TAYLOR + ANDREW ABSOLUTELY SMASHED IT!!!! Their engagement session still has me freaking out. I’m so obsessed with it that you just need to click here right now and see how cute they are.

Katie + Andrew were the cutest to work with… now I just need to take pictures of their cute new puppy! See their blog post here.


Favourite Piece of Encouragement

I’m confident that Jesus loves His church. He’s constantly advancing it, pruning it, refining it. This month at Shades we opened the renovated Worship Center and it was a gift to be under the same roof again to unite under a common goal: sending transformed people to influence their world for Christ. It was a powerful morning together and a gift to get to photograph it!

What I’ve Been Working On….

Like I mentioned at the beginning, I’ve been traveling a lot. So, that means no work 😉 But on a real note, I’ve been anticipating this job transition! I’m now full time with my business, so I’ve been dreaming up some new projects. Some you will see and some will be more behind the scenes! 🙂