The Glimpse: November 2019

Man, what a great month!!!!!!!


Favourite Moment

I’ve gotta say, it’s always been my dream to dance with a guest at a wedding, haha! This wedding was a BLAST and I loved the whole bridal party!



Favourite News

My bestie got MARRIED!! I had the honour of serving double duty as bridesmaid and primary photographer. Wanna see behind the scenes? Click here!



Funniest Moment

Truly, these groomsmen at Meg + Walker’s wedding! I loved photographing them and they made me feel part of the group right away!



Favourite Personal Picture

Wrapped up warm and hanging with my besties… yep, that’s my kinda week! I really hate the cold, but honestly having a couple of warm coats has helped appease me for this season, haha. Emily, Anne Lyle and I went to dinner and a movie (we never really hang outside of the house because we’re roommates) and snagged this sweet picture!



Favourite Education

I went to Arizona… what?! The Showit United Conference was held in Tempe, Arizona on November 3-6 and it was a fascinating trip. I learned so much, was inspired by my photography heroes, met great people, got some headshots taken (thanks Ryn!) and soaked up as much of the desert as possible! I came back to Birmingham with renewed energy for my business, for which I’m thankful!


Amy Jordan Demos Group Showit United Conference


Favourite Photograph

Christena gave me a huge hug when we met. Having talked multiple times on the phone during their engagement season, I felt like we’d already met! And she did too, so she gave me a second hug! I love couples who feel like my best friends right away. These two are flirty, fun, kind and always up for a laugh. Their session was one of my favourites!



Bané and Emily got married at Sibyl Temple in Vestavia. Since Bané is from Serbia, his family were unable to attend the wedding, so he wore a picture of them on his shirt!



I love this image from my second shooter! Meg was a precious bride, and I loooove how rewarding it is to see bridesmaids’ faces when they see pictures from a few seconds before!


What I’ve Been Working On….

This month has been SEO month! I’ve been working on getting my website optimized for Google to rank it higher, and it’s actually been pretty enjoyable! I’ve also had a ton of editing to do this month (officially all caught up, woohoooo!) and processing from the Showit United Conference. I’m excited for slow season to work on some major projects in process!