The Glimpse: November 2022

This month, my people really held me up. 

It’s been a harder month personally, and my family and friends have been an amazing support system. From spending the night at my best friends’ house and taking a big mattress to the basement to having a longer Thanksgiving break, people have been the body of Christ and I’m so grateful. I’ve taken a few car naps in between shoots, had long text conversations, gone on some long walks and slept more in the past month than I maybe ever have done!



This month, my home church hosted a big event. 

I’m super proud of my Mum for running with this women’s event. It was a glorious night, and we topped it off with a spontaneous family dinner at Waffle House! I was giddy the whole time spending time with the OGs.



This month, my eyes almost went square.

A lot of time at home spent at my computer … with hot chocolate, coffee, chugging water from my Stanley, some jams and a lot of Madam Secretary and Gilmore Girls to keep me company!



This month, I spent a lot of time with family. 

Between birthdays and Thanksgiving, it was sweet being home a lot.



This month I spent time with some great people, doing all the Christmassy things! 

I decorated on November 1 this year (oops) so I was ready to roll by mid-November!



This month I celebrated the last wedding of the year! 

Turns out, it was with my little dream team at the beautiful Barn at Shady Lane! It was a great wedding to end the 2022 season with, and I’m grateful for a whole December of chilling!



This month we celebrated 17 years of living in the States! 

You can read this blog post for my reflects on what it’s like to be a dual citizen.