The Glimpse: October 2019

Favourite Moment

Looking out on hundreds of thousands of sunflowers! This sight in North Georgia was a stunning one to behold as I spent 24 hours with my parents and sister. I came away with this reminder: sunflowers always face the sun. May we be people who always have our eyes to Jesus!



Favourite News

My nephew Joshua turned one! This little buddy is always smiling and has the most precious eyes (and big sister). Spending time with my family for his birthday was one of my favourite things about this month!



Funniest Moment

I had quite the encounter with some fire ants and goats for Jessalin + Seth’s maternity session! The goat kept trying to bite Seth’s leg… and eventually succeeded! See it all here.



Favourite Personal Pictures

I love being neighbours with this crew! Emily, Anne Lyle and I live right across the street from Andrew, Stewart and Steven… and in this season, this little community has been one of my biggest gifts. We hang out multiple nights a week, ask each other dating advice, celebrate birthdays and accomplishments and eat a lot of ice cream (or maybe that’s just Andrew). I’m thankful for these five and it’s never wasted on me how good these friendships are. We call it FRIENDS: Homewood Edition. We celebrated Stew’s 30th birthday this month with reasons why we love him, a weird back porch dance party and yummy dinner!



What a GIFT it has been to photograph each of their weddings! The Carter family is a special one, and it’s been an honour to walk by Cameron, Jennifer and Jessica’s side throughout engagement. I’m so thankful for this sweet picture!



My community group dressed up for “Orange Night” (clearly) on Halloween! It was fun to hang out wearing ridiculous clothes. These are my peeps and I’m thankful for them, silly holidays and silly costumes!



Celebrating my bestie girl Caroline as she’s so close to getting married! We went to the lake for a weekend and it was good for my heart to spend time with my sweetest friends.



Favourite Education

I’ve been learning so much about the city of Atlanta! My family lives on the Southside, and I never spent much time in the city growing up, but since branching out with my business I’m doing some research on venues and best spots to photograph. I’m excited to travel for sessions soon and spend a bit more time in the ATL 🙂



Favourite Photograph

Spending time with John and Caroline in Piedmont Park was definitely a highlight of October!



If you’ve never read about these two on The Glimpse then were you even reading it?! 😉 Rach and Ethan are two of the most special people in my life and their in-home session is right here.



This romantic session with Nik + Hannah was a bright spot in the month! These two SMASHED IT and came with their modeling A-game! I’ve spent snippets of time with Hannah over the years, so I loved getting to know these two more at Linn Park.



Favourite Piece of Encouragement

The sun always rises and it always sets. Sometimes the sky is laden with colourless clouds, and other times it contains all the glory of the heavens. Look up! There is a grace gift in every day.



What I’ve Been Working On….

October was a month of adjusting! The first few weeks of being a full time photographer were challenging as I wrestled with my extroversion, working from coffee shops and making slight changes to business processes. I’m glad November is here and I’m more in the groove!


See you again soon for The Glimpse, November issue!