The Glimpse: October 2022

This month I photographed the biggest dahlia I’ve ever seen! 

Legitimately, it was as big as my face! I’ve never seen a prettier flower, and I love how it laid flat for this epic ring shot.




This month I went to 30A with friends!

It’s always good to put your toes in the sand and feet in the water. Grateful for a few days away with this view and crew!




This month I spent most of my life behind the camera or computer!

Whether it was a wedding, portrait shoot, mini session or long days of editing, I think my eyes might go square soon? I bought a new Spider holster as a hip harness to relieve pressure off my back; spent a few days in a row wearing a sweatsuit cranking out edits and shot too many proposals to count!




This month I spent a day in Chattanooga exploring and shooting

I had a shoot scheduled, then spontaneously decided to take a day trip to see more of the sites and beautiful sights!



This month I launched some exciting things! 

My Magic City bundle is live! I’ve spent a few months developing a new wedding client box, which includes a welcome magazine, disposable camera and date night card set … and that inspired me to make some Birmingham-themed shirts and sell them with the date night cards! I’m so excited to share these.




This month I decorated for Christmas!

…. too soon? I was ready for Christmas by Halloween, so I just went for it!




This month held hard and happy moments. 

Every month holds them, but this month especially! I spent a few days on the couch during some low moments, but also met a friends’ baby, celebrated my niblings’ birthdays and stood by brides and grooms as they committed to each other forever.