The Glimpse: October 2018

Favourite Moment

Meeting my little nephew over Facetime! His name is Joshua Rhys Edwards and he is 8lbs of pure cuteness.

Favourite News

Like the previous “favourite,” it’s definitely when this little guy was born! Click here to view his newborn session!

Funniest Moment

You’ll see Alex peppered throughout this blog post because we spent a lot of time together this month! From traveling to Savannah and shooting a wedding, to meeting to discuss my new branding (she is a rockstar designer and branding genius) to shooting another wedding together… you bet we have some stories from this month! Sometimes ya just gotta move a painting #forthepic.

Favourite Personal Picture

SAVANNAH, you are a BEAUTY. Full of quirks, amazing food, historic walkways and lots of humidity. Alex and I had the best time in Savannah when we traveled there for a wedding, and I looooove these shots of her! She reminded me of Esmerelda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame as she walked through the cathedral. Click here to see more pictures from our trip.

Favourite Education

This month I went to the Adobe Max Conference in Los Angeles! It was my first time in California and I would happily sign up to move there simply because of the weather. See more pictures from the trip here!

Favourite Photograph

I haven’t been able to pinpoint why I love this image so much… But I think it’s because of this… It was the start of the sweetest wedding day. Alex and I had moved some furniture in this big, beautiful bathroom to maximize our space and light. I was testing the light and felt confident going into the day.

Favourite Piece of Encouragement

Psalm 119. It’s always a classic! Whenever my heart and soul need shocking back to life (sometimes we need a spiritual defibrillator), I often turn to Psalm 119 to remind myself that I need to be delighting in God’s Word. It is my very breath!

What I’ve Been Working On….

THIS WEBSITE! October was full of sessions, weddings, admin and finishing this website. I’m sooooo thrilled to finally reveal it to you, friend!