The Glimpse: September 2020

This month I quarantined…

And it was the worst! I was exposed by a friend and had a 10-day quarantine at home allllll by myself. As an extrovert, it was REALLY hard. But sweet sweet friends dropped by just about every day to drop little happies off, and the second half of quarantine was actually very productive! I’m grateful for my peeps who love on me during a tough 10 days of loneliness.



This month Madeline + Michael got engaged!

One of my dearest friends got engaged and it was such a privilege to take about 10 minutes of portraits for them as they celebrated! Congrats, you guys!



This month I went to the beach with my fam for 2.5 days!

It was really sweet to spend a little time with my favourite people. We made sandcastles, splashed in the water and had lots of snuggles. I love these people!



This month I spent MORE time with the littles!

Over Labour Day, my family and I spent all day at a park, kayaking, paddle boating and picnicking.



This month I got to hang with my bestie!

Abi, my college bestie, came in from Dallas for the weekend. We spent time chatting, drinking coffee, sitting outside for hours and walking around our alma mater. It was refreshing for my soul!



This month I photographed a few weddings (including my roommates’)!

It is always a joy to be let in to special moments in couples’ lives. Each wedding this month was WONDERFUL and so enjoyable to celebrate!!



This month I redecorated!

I moved back in May and finally got settled! My sweet roommate Kelly moved in, and we’ve had a BLAST living together.