The Glimpse: September 2022

This month Ethan made me a table! 

One of my best friends built me a table!!! We picked out the wood, chose the finish, bought the legs and he completed it in one weekend! My chairs still haven’t come in, hahaha, so I’m sitting on bar stools for now. So grateful for a fun new spot to host dinners!



This month I should’ve bought a tent …

… and moved up to Crest Road! Minis, sessions, weddings, personal adventures catching sunset made for a great month. I also traveled a bit this month shooting for Winshape Camps which was SO fun.




This month my besties came in town!

They were my first friends when I moved to the USA. ⁠Middle school is awkward anyway; imagine moving in seventh grade AND having a British accent? These girls have stuck with me through thick and thin and probably have so much dirt on me 😅, but I’m grateful that they are so consistent, hilarious, intentional and godly.⁠ We had the best weekend exploring my favourite city and spending concentrated time together!




This month the Queen passed away. 

This is a picture of me crying all afternoon in the office, dwelling on the life of an incredible woman and leader. Read my brief tribute here.




This month I had a brand shoot and welcomed an intern!

Emma Nunn began on my team this month, and from the get-go she jumped right in! My car was literally STUFFED full of light stands, balloon pumps, outfit changes, a bar stool, softboxes and lotttts of hairspray. We had a blast, so I’m including a sneak peek in here!



This month I became a farm girl.

Time on the farm in Albany has been such a highlight from 2022. I’ve been twice to a friends’ land, and we’ve ridden horses, visited pumpkin patches, read and napped on the porch, sat on the dock, made yummy meals and taken gator rides at dusk. It was the best weekend with these peeps.




This month I snuck in some snuggles.

My niblings turn seven, four and one this month, and I can’t handle it. I love them with all of my heart and can’t wait for more family time in October!