6 Tips to Plan a Wedding On a Budget

On a tight budget? No problem. You may be paying for your wedding by yourself, been married before or simply don’t want to spend outlandish amounts of money on your wedding day. Friend, I admire you and stand with you! This post includes 6 budget-friendly tips to make your wedding day a reflection of you and your fiancée, and to steward your resources well.


Tip #1: Identify the “big rocks” of your wedding day.
These are things that are most important to you. For most brides, the big rocks are venue, photographer and dress. But it may be that your big rocks are food, the guest experience and photographer. However you want to prioritize your day, you can set the budget and not be afraid to stand your ground.


Tip #2: Don’t compare your wedding to an $100,000 wedding (unless that’s your budget).
You will be disappointed if you do! As Theodore Roosevelt said, “comparison is the thief of joy.”  Your wedding is about celebrating the union of you and your groom, and thanking your guests for how they have invested in you. With those things in mind, your family and friends won’t think twice about decorations or how you have planned the day!


Tip #3: Ask your bridesmaids to help!
Unless your bridesmaids live out of town or state, good friends are always willing to help (and probably would love doing so!) Don’t be afraid to ask your crafty friends to assist you in bringing your vision to life. The worst they could say is no!


Tip #4: Research on Pinterest and tackle some crafty projects!
I know we’ve all seen our fair share of #pinterestfails, but with the right tools (and maybe the right friends, too) I believe you can make things by yourself!


Tip #5: Price check across different websites.
If you see the cuuuutest party favour or bridesmaid robe,.. honestly? There’s probably the exact same one, but cheaper somewhere else. Doing your research takes a little more time, but it’s worth it to get the best deal to fit your budget.


Tip #6: Don’t budge on your budget.
If you have a budget, stick within it! You will be grateful that you did when everything is said and done, and I believe it will cause way less arguments!


Go get ‘em, friend! Anything is possible when it comes to wedding planning. Stay your course with your vision for the day, and try your best to use these tips to help frame your decision making. I’m so excited for you!