Engagement Session Style Guide

January 13, 2020

This is the big moment — when you take pictures that will end up on your save the date! I like to think of your wedding products as marketing materials (because I’m a nerd). It’s really the best marketing process invented… People are already pumped that you’re engaged. You have bridal showers and events leading up to the main event; you post about buying your dress, picking out wedding bands, delivering invitations and people want to come to your event; you send paper invitations at strategic times of the year and the social media follow up from guests is amazing! Marketing agencies only wiiiiiish that this much buy-in happened for their clients.
This is the big moment — when you take pictures that will end up on your save the date! Your engagement pictures communicate your personalitly.Alas, a wedding is not a marketing event. But if we’re talking in those terms… you’re showing people your personality brand, what’s important to you and what the wedding will look like. Best sneak peek for the main event ever!!!

You’re showing people your personality brand.


I believe photographs are such a key component to communicating your upcoming wedding to family and friends. Choosing the location is one element, but choosing clothes can sometimes be bigger!
Allow me to let you in to my life for a second: the closet opens. It looks the same as it did the day before, but somehow my feelings and thoughts are completely different and nothing looks appealing. What brimmed of hope yesterday feels like a wasteland today (hello, first world problem). Choosing an outfit from events ranging from casual to black tie is a challenge… I’m not sure if anyone has the perfect closet fit for that at all times! I feel the pressure of culture, the steering of my feelings and weather changes as I try to pick out an outfit.


Don’t even get me started on my own engagement session one day!!! It will be a daunting task. But I will take these tips with me and hope they benefit you now!


Choose two outfits that represent you…

Are you the type who prefers going on casual dates in jeans and a cute top? Pair those everyday items with fun, big earrings and wedges. Do you loooove dressing up? Bring your A-game with a suit and flowy dress! What’s an outfit you’ve been saving for a session like this? Now is definitely the time!


Coordinate, don’t match.

Choose colours that go well together. One can never go wrong with jewel tones (deep maroon, green, blue) or romantic pastels (blush, pink).


Think about the neck.

… line. That was a weird headline, wasn’t it? Let’s just agree that together. Think about the neckline! Choose something that you feel is slimming, flattering and covers anything you’d like.


Always wear heels or wedges.

No pain, no gain, ladies! Heels elongate your legs, make you feel way cooler than flats and give you the ultimate reason to “pop” your foot while you kiss – Princess Diaries style!


Ditch the patterns.

I’ll spare you the details, but cameras sometimes have a hard time with tiny patterns. Opt for shirts or dresses with patterns larger than a dime so that the camera can pick up every detail.


Avoid bright colours.

As you can see in my style, I looooove vibrant colours! But we’ll let nature speak for that instead of letting your clothes speak for that. Please avoid bright red, orange or neon.


That’s a wrap, folks! Create your dream engagement session, communicate your personality brand and dress up for a fun time of taking pictures with your love that you’ll frame for years.


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Want to know more?