How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

May 14, 2020

This might be a strange post for me to write… because I am a photographer, and I would love to work with you! But more than that, I want the best photographer for you. There are a few criteria to consider as you choose a photographer that you might not know!


My philosophy when talking to brides is “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Most people haven’t planned a party for 100+ people before, let alone the biggest party of their life! So unless you’ve planned one before, wedding planning and decision making can feel monstrous! But don’t let it get to ya. Here are some things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer —


If you don’t like their style now, you won’t like your wedding pictures. That’s just a fact! Photography typically falls into four camps:
⁠Light, airy, lots of white 😙⁠
Vibrant, joyful, lots of colour 🤩⁠
Filmic, grainy, whimsical 🤗⁠
Dark, moody, desaturated 😎⁠
Browse on Instagram and Pinterest to see what you gravitate toward, then don’t look back!


Choose someone who becomes your instant bff. They’ll be the person who helps put on your veil, coaches you through poses, steps in to sacred moments with your family and captures “the” pictures with class and precision. This element is HUGE! Your wedding is both the biggest party of your life and one that holds some of the tenderest moments in your life. Because of that, I’ve learned how CRUCIAL it is to hire someone who will help you relax, feel yourself, direct you on posing and make you laugh! Don’t let the photographer’s personality dictate the day, but hire someone who gels with you and understands the purpose of the day.

Image Rights and Delivery

Will you get to own the photographs? Can you download them for free, or will there be additional costs for purchasing images? Copyright questions are so important to ask beforehand so you receive exactly what you pay for. Don’t forget to ask how many images they deliver so your expectations are realistic when you receive them. 


I know… cringe! The big “B” word is daunting and nobody really likes it. But, it’s so necessary for planning your big day. Blowing your budget just adds stress, so keep to the line item cost and choose a photographer who fits your criteria. Be prepared to receive less if you pay less, and be prepared to be wowed if you splurge on photography — it’s one of those things you won’t regret!

Extra add-ons

Does the photographer offer albums? Do they include engagement pictures? Are there travel costs included? Is sales tax part of the current equation? Do they offer bridal portraits or rehearsal dinner coverage? Ask these questions upfront so you’re not surprised by any sneaky fees when the initial invoice comes through.

You should be fully locked and loaded with these concepts and questions to consider! Good luck finding the right photographer who fulfills your budget needs, becomes your bff, delivers beautiful images and helps you along the process. You’re getting married, friend!!

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Want to know more?