Top 15 Bridesmaids Gifts (With Puns Included)

Bridesmaids. Some of your closest friends and beloved family. They’re there to stand beside you as you marry the love of your life. Bridesmaids’ gifts are a way to share your appreciation and show your girls how much they mean to you!

I’ve done the research for you and I’ve hand-picked the top 15 bridesmaids’ gifts to show the love—with puns included, of course:


1. Clutch

Holding on to you tight!” This personalized clutch from Etsy shows you’ll never let your girls go.

bridesmaid gifts

2. Pyjamas

This classic bridesmaids’ gift tells each bridesmaid, “You’re a dream of a friend!”

bridesmaid gifts

3. Light Up Shoes

“You’re the light of my life,” is what your girls will hear when they receive these amazing light up shoes.

bridesmaid gifts

4. Robes

Your girls mean so much to you, you’ll just want to wrap them up in these adorable robes!

bridesmaid gifts

5. Candles

These candles tell your girls you can “scents” them with you always.

bridesmaid gifts



6. Jewelry Box

Let your girls know your friendship is precious to you with these monogrammed jewelry boxes.

bridesmaid gift

7. Necklace

“I’ll always hold you close to my heart,” is what these dainty initial necklaces will tell your bridesmaids.

bridesmaid gifts

8. Water Bottle

Show your girls that they fill you up with these personalized water bottles.

bridesmaids gifts

9. Slippers

These monogrammed fuzzy slippers tell your girls, “I’m so glad you slipped into my life.”

bridesmaids gifts

10. Plant

Give your bridesmaids a plant to show you hope your friendship continues to grow.

bridesmaid gitfs

11. Personalized Bag

“Thanks for holding me together,” is what this personalized bag will tell your bridesmaids.

bridesmaid gift

12. Beanies

Let your girls know they “bean” so much to you with these adorable pompom beanies.

bridesmaid gifts

13. Swimsuit

This custom swimsuit will show your girls your friendship is going swimmingly well. 

bridesmaid gifts

14. Baseball Hat

“I’ll always cover for you!” is what these baseball hats will tell your bridesmaids.

bridesmaid gifts


15. Jewelry Dish

This jewelry dish tells your girls you’re thankful they can take it when you dish it!

bridesmaid gifts