Wedding Details Checklist for Brides

January 3, 2020

Do you ever wake up in the night and make a list? Forgot something really important that causes you to pop out of bed?


There are lots of things like that in engagement season — will I remember my garter? Oh yeah, gotta add ____ to the guest list! Did I send the save the date to the right address? Lots of things can spin through your mind because there are so many details! So, friend, I’ve made a list for you so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. It will make your photographer happy, and you’ll be glad that your details are included in your wedding gallery. These are details you’ve spent time thinking about, so ensure they get featured!


Invitation suite

Your invitation suite is really the basis of your detail images. The more paper products you have available in your invitation suite, the better! They will help ground your flat lays and create formality. This includes invitation RSVP card, unique/custom stamps, envelopes, addressed envelopes with calligraphy, save the date, menu or personalized napkins. You poured a lot of time and money into these… let’s document them!



Want to remember what happened in your ceremony? Bring your program as part of the detail suite. I love how Ernie and Caroline included one of the hymns sung at their ceremony on a separate card!


All rings

These rings are at the crux of your wedding ceremony. There’s a reason why you exchange rings during the service, so make sure to have all rings ready when your photographer arrives. These images are always some of my favourites!



I wish wedding galleries were scratch and sniff, don’t you? I hope these images help you remember what scent you wore on your wedding day. There’s always a level of elegance that comes with having a bottle of perfume in wedding detail photographs.



Similar to an invitation suite, a veil can be a great foundation for flat lay images. It can also hide a host of evils 😉 If you have an imperfect background, the veil can act as a softening tool to make the whole image lighter and more graceful.




I hope you don’t forget this one 😉 Dress images can be striking, dainty and regal… I love the variety and uniqueness that each dress brings to the table! Make sure that your gown is taken out of the bag, with tags and cardboard removed.



Let’s not forget what’s on your pretty feet! Shoes are perfect for flat lays, individual images and getting ready images. Are your shoes something blue, light up keds, fancy shoes or your favourite brand? Let’s make sure to capture them!


Special details

Bought something special for your groom? Have a piece of family jewelry? Marking these moments where legacy intersects with the present is so special. I always love when brides wear or bring heirloom family jewelry on wedding day! It’s a sweet nod to the legacy their family has passed on, and it’s special to pair it with a family handkerchief.



Bouquet/Floral clippings

I always encourage brides to ask their florist for clippings, ribbon or the full bouquet, in time for detail images. Bringing the wedding colour palette into the details really helps carry the theme through your wedding gallery.



That’s it, peeps! Here’s a recap:

Invitation, RSVP card, unique/custom stamps, envelopes, addressed envelopes with calligraphy, save the date, menu or personalized napkins.


All three rings

Perfume bottle

Veil/hair pieces

Dress (taken out of bag and without tags/cardboard)


Special details/jewelry

Bouquet/floral clippings/ribbon

You’re all prepped for wedding day, friend! Let’s get this party started!!



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Want to know more?