A Little Nook

Taking a short break from homework today, I ventured down a hill to a little nook I’ve been desperately wanting to take pictures in. I brought a sunflower with me that my best friends set outside my door this morning (my friends are the most thoughtful in the world). I realize that the next phrase sounds like a fairytale, but I happened across a babbling brook! It was gorgeous and the light was hitting the most stunning spots. I couldn’t resist.

Here are a few shots from this sun-saturated afternoon.

IMG_3464 IMG_3470 IMG_3472 IMG_3473 IMG_3475 IMG_3476 IMG_3479 IMG_3482 IMG_3491

IMG_3441 IMG_3436 IMG_3431 IMG_3408 IMG_3397 IMG_3396 IMG_3389