This morning I went with the Care Team to an assisted living facility in Abertillery, the town we sang in tonight. I took pictures as a group of 11 or so sang and talked with sweet old Welsh men and women. Mr. Larry Reeves shared a little bit of his testimony and talked about how each one of us can receive hope in Christ.

The Care Team is full of people who have a heart for the elderly and love listening to their stories and telling them about Jesus–how He saves and doesn’t give up on anyone, even in old age. It was beautiful to see this team in action today!

I also got a chance to photograph a hard working and constantly helpful team: the hospitality team. This group of ladies, plus Tom from Holland Road, prepare food for every meal for the trip. They organize and make lunch for every team that goes out during the day, cook for women’s events, cook for the men’s beast feasts, prepare food for the choir pre-performance and provide food for non-choir and people who are involved in other night activities. What a job! This group serves so graciously.

WHAT an amazing night! As the choir was rehearsing from 4-5p.m., six people were saved right around the church! What grace and joy! So cool to see people turning to the Lord as the place was being covered in prayer. Many other people received salvation this evening as Dad gave the invitation. After the program, the audience requested that we sing “God Will Open Up The Windows” again! It was a special time of praise–gosh do the Welsh love to sing.

Please pray for the following:

1) Persistence during the week as we function with jet lag

2) Continued joy and unity amongst the team!

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