Arrrrrrrrr Me Heartys

The Samford Opera presents Pirates of Penzance this weekend!

Opening night was yesterday and I was able to take pictures of the double-cast dress rehearsals earlier this week. With talent exploding, the casts really adopt their characters, fully embracing the hilarity of the script. I hope you enjoy these pictures and check back in this weekend for the second cast’s pictures!

IMG_0389 IMG_0408 IMG_0414 IMG_0418 IMG_0426 IMG_0431 IMG_0436 IMG_0444 IMG_0447 IMG_0452 IMG_0461 IMG_0462 IMG_0465 IMG_0470 IMG_0472 IMG_0478 IMG_0480 IMG_0522 IMG_0525 IMG_0528 IMG_0540 IMG_0546 IMG_0556 IMG_0568 IMG_0571 IMG_0595 IMG_0602 IMG_0608 IMG_0619 IMG_0624 IMG_0628 IMG_0631 IMG_0656 IMG_0660 IMG_0662 IMG_0668 IMG_0673 IMG_0674 IMG_0675