Bridge Street Gallery & Loft Wedding, Birmingham, AL

Taylor + Andrew’s wedding at Third Presbyterian Church and Bridge Street Gallery & Loft was one for the books!

She was a boho beauty, donned with a handmade hairpiece, gentle curls and a dreamy dress! For Taylor and Andrew, December 7 is a day that will not live in infamy, but as the sweetest memory for these newlyweds. Taylor’s radiant smile said it all: simply happy. She was beaming.


The Tarpley's wedding was marked by lots of dancing at Bridge Street Gallery & Loft, a God-honouring ceremony and portraits at Railroad Park and 2nd Avenue!

I’ve known these two for a long time in similar friend circles, but it wasn’t until we started chatting about their wedding day that we really connected. Andrew is as gentle and steady as a rock, and Taylor has a sweet mix of goofy and peaceful, which makes them both a joy to be around. We had the best time at Botanical Gardens and overlooking the city for their engagement session, so I knew they were naturals in front of the camera!

I could say a lot of things about this amazing day celebrating the Tarpleys, but I’ll stick with two:

The Tarpleys chose to sing “All Glory Be To Christ!” with their guests during the ceremony. With minimal instruments and a multitude of voices praising God, I couldn’t help but tear up at this beautiful picture of Christ and the church…. Andrew willingly and joyfully laying down his life for his bride, and Taylor humbly and reverently committing to submit to her husband. The walk down the aisle was a reflection of Taylor preparing herself to meet her groom. She was clothed in white — the representation of being cleansed by the blood the Spotless Lamb Jesus — and beamed with the radiance of one who is loved. Andrew was waiting at the end of the aisle with a look that said, “I’ve been waiting all my life for this.” (Okay, I’m legitimately crying in Starbucks writing this) You can read the lyrics at the end of this blog post!


Andrew was waiting at the end of the aisle with a look that said, “I’ve been waiting all my life for this.”


My second favourite part of the day happened whenever we wrapped up bride and groom portraits after the ceremony. We had driven half a mile to the bridge on 2nd Avenue in downtown Birmingham and had some nice light, then hopped in the car.

As I cranked up the car, I looked to my left to see the sun finally peeking out, gracing us with the most majestic red/golden light! I looked at the Tarpleys and said, “You guys, we have got to get out of the car and take some more! You won’t regret it.” As we chatted about her wedding day vision, Taylor had specifically wanted golden images, so I saw it as the Lord’s kindness to give us a few minutes of a stunning sunset!

Taylor and Andrew, may the glory of Christ always be your aim as you seek to love each other. Thank you for giving me the honour of photographing this wonderful day!


Vendor Team:

Ceremony Venue: Third Presbyterian Church

Reception Venue: Bridge Street Gallery & Loft

Coordinator: Rachel Weeks

Catering: Little Donkey

Dress: Bella’s Bridal 

Florist: Lillie Jane

Hair: Merrell Hubbard

Makeup: Emmy Hunt



“When on the day the great I Am || The faithful and the true || The Lamb who was for sinners slain || Is making all things new || Behold our God shall live with us || And be our steadfast light || And we shall ere his people be || All glory be to Christ! || All glory be to Christ our king! || All glory be to Christ! || His rule and reign will ever sing || All glory be to Christ!”