Creator of it All

As droplets of rain seep into white washed wood on the porch, hopes droop as a day of waiting, movies, rain, colouring and more rain ensues. The palm trees wavering in the mighty wind, Mum reads a blog post aloud; Dad putts golf balls into a makeshift hole–three out of three, he announces; Meg sits quietly in the corner planning the wedding; Sarah etches away in a colouring book; the news blares as flash floods threaten and the “Great Kate Wait” (Prince George Alexander Louis has been born since writing this) is in full swing; and me–observing, capturing these moments, making stills of the often un-captured memories with the f/1.4 lens.

God plans it all. The great family beach day with a volleyball flying between hands, a book cover crinkling, a pair of knees browning. And He is sovereign over the day when you walk three miles only to run one more mile home in the rain, drenched yet full of thrill. And He quietly smiles and blesses on the day spent waiting for thunderstorms to calm, when all inside is at rest and feet are happy to be lounged on the sofa.

And we are all here. All happy. All savouring. Even as trees knock against windows, agreeing “i don’t like this rain either,” creation falls into place as the Creator of it all manages the forecast, the day and needed rest.

Oh, I am thankful for the beach and time to scribble thoughts!