I have a few friends with whom I’ve had conversations about election throughout the past few months. All of them are strong believers and livers of the gospel, and we’ve had some interesting and thought-provoking conversations. I’ve always had the belief that the only people who don’t agree with predestination and election are non-believers don’t like the thought of God’s “chosen”… but that’s because they’re obviously not saved (so why would they believe in it?). To a degree that might be right, but I’ve discovered that many Christians struggle with the thought.

I do not claim to have insight into the Lord’s mind, because nobody does! But I was reading 1 Thessalonians 1 this morning and came across some great notes in my NIV Life Application Bible (which I recommend). I’m going to go ahead and quote it, because I can’t think of a better transition sentence.

“It is difficult to simultaneously embrace God’s sovereignty in choosing us and our human responsibility in choosing to follow him. Even though we may not be able to completely comprehend how these two truths can coexist, we can say the following: Being chosen comes from the heart of God (not our minds), should be an incentive to please God (not ignore him), and should give birth to gratitude (not complacency). God’s choice of us energizes us to obey and to serve. Our choice of God challenges us to build lives worthy of him. As you consider God’s divine selection of you, how do you respond?”

Although I’m barely scratching the surface of the many topics that election brings up, I think that this is an excellent explanation and description of the simplicity of God’s plan, even though we make it complex. 

We serve a good God. He is so good to us… more than we know.