Everything Has Led Up To This Moment

As I die to myself, I walk the way of the cross with you, Lord, bearing and understanding the full burden and weight of sin. High up on a blood-stained tree, I gaze upon your face like Mary did. I realize all You’ve done–that what has come to pass saves all of mankind. That everything You did fulfilled prophecy. That all You are proclaimed Your deity. Everything has led up to this moment…

The baby boy’s mother, Mary–humble, burdened, imparted with the light of the world by the Spirit of God. Not fully knowing the glory of what is to come but even so, obedient. Joseph, the carpenter–confused, yet humbly guiding Mary, protecting salvation itself in her womb. The way to Bethlehem–tiring, the birth of the Saviour drawing nearer. The planet Jupiter and the star Reglas coming to alignment next to the constellation Lion–creating the brightest light ever seen, hovering over Bethlehem.

And then. A glorious moment.

Jesus Christ, the Messiah, enters a guilt-ridden world. Humble. Bringing peace to lowly shepherds, wise Magi. Causing men to rejoice. Everything has led up to this moment…

You are the advent. You are the fulfillment of prophecy. You came. You have come.

O Come, Let Us Adore Him–Christ, the Lord!