Fall 2022 Mini Sessions, Part 2: Botanical Gardens

Introducing round TWO of my Fall mini sessions! This was another wonderful day packed with tons and tons of beautiful, smiling families.

I got to see and capture all the love they have for each other, and I’m excited to share that love in the highlights below!


The Atwells

I immediately clicked with the Atwell family. They’re just great, kind, easy-going people that I know I’d get along with! Not surprisingly, we had a lot of mutual friends, so I hope I get to see more of them in the future!

Their daughter Maggie was adoooorable and her smile absolutely melted me! She shined in front of the camera and certainly loved soaking up all the attention!



The Carricks

These three were just the cutest! Lauren and I are good friends and I always love hanging out with her. It was so nice to see their whole family together as one.

Their son, Wells, took a second to warm up to me, but even with blank stares his little eyes are gorgeous! Beautiful families like this make my job easy!



The Chenoweths

I had the privilege of photographing the Chenoweths’ wedding back in 2020! I love when I get to see and photograph past couples as they grow and continue life together. Even more exciting, they showed up to our mini session and told me they’re pregnant!!!

I couldn’t be happier for these two, and neither could their sweet dog, Odie!



The Freemans

I went to college with Julie, and she and her husband Jordan have been married for three years now! They make the sweetest couple together, and were excited to share that they are now expecting a baby girl!

They brought their ultrasound to the shoot and we took some adorable photos. You can practically feel their excitement through the pictures!



The Greens

The Green family knows how to color coordinate their outfits, and I really appreciate that about them! They showed up to our mini with plenty of excitement that brought the biggest smile to my face.

Their precious baby girl Eliana is seven months old and she had the cutest little smirk! She loves the bright yellow leaves and did so well for her first photoshoot!


The Masseys

I really enjoyed photographing the Masseys, especially their two sweet kids! Little Maribel was soooo cold to begin with, but once we got her some hand warmers, she and her brother Henry warmed up plenty!

We ended up having lots of fun exploring the gardens and finding fun poses for the kids to get into. My favorite thing about mini sessions is getting the kids to come out of their shells as quickly as possible. It can be a challenge to connect with them on their level, but I love watching them run the show a little once they get comfortable!



The Ortmans

Four years ago, the Ortmans asked me to photographs their oldest’s newborn photos. Davis was the sweetest thing back then, and he still is now! I hadn’t seen them since, so it was nice to catch up and see how their family has grown!

Little Riley has entered the picture and she was just adorable. We tried to get Davis to strike some fun poses, but he preferred standing straight up and flashing us his big smile!



The Russells

Katie, Andrew and I are friends, but we hadn’t had the chance to connect in a while. I’m always thankful when my photography business gives me a reason to see old friends of mine that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Their son, Ford, is such a cutie. His little smiles made me so happy! He loved laughing at his daddy making silly faces, which made for some adorable photos.



The Powells

This was a big one! The whole gang is back together for this exciting photoshoot. Emily, Mac, Kat, and Austin all joined the patriarchs David and Donna for a full family session. They snagged a cancellation of mine and I’m so glad they did!

I love all the photos of the grandchildren with David and Donna. It’s always so sweet to see a big family like this get together for some great laughs and beautiful memories!



The Pates

I used to work with Katy, and it was so nice to see her and her husband with their kids. I was shocked when they walked up and I saw that their kids were all of a sudden SO GROWN UP!

They did a great job and warmed up to the camera really quickly. We had such a fun time together, and their daughter Camille worked it with her flowy dress!



The Storks

Ashley is a retired wedding planner (though she is not at retirement age!). I used to love working weddings with her, so it was fun to get together again in a different setting!

Their daughter, Anne Rawlins, kept us on our toes and made us chase her around the whole time! It may have been tiring, but it made for some pretty great photos!