For the “Single Pringles”

I’m not going to try to be cool, cliche, hipster or over-generalize things. Valentine’s Day is being intentionally honest with a person in saying you love them, are thankful for them and expressing that love through gifts, cards, smiles, hugs. So here’s to honesty!

I gotta tell ya, it’s tough being a single woman here at the marriage factory. Engagements are happening left and right, and babies are appearing out of nowhere (okay….maybe not out of nowhere, but let’s move on). Without noticing, society has ingrained in us that we are not fully satisfied until a hero comes along in the classic hallmark moment. For some of you, maybe that has already happened, and that’s such an exciting thing!  

In effect, amidst the over-abundance of chocolate, cards, flowers and balloons, single women take it as a cruel sign from ‘the universe’ that sweet gifts are purposely placed in front of them to mock how they’re still single.

Did that make any sense? Probably not. I’ll rephrase: on Valentine’s Day, single women are propelled to believe the lie of loneliness. Society has shaped this holiday so that if you don’t receive anything, or don’t have a loved one, you should wallow in pity, cry and dwell on the fact that chocolate everywhere will be reduced at Walmart the next day. 

I don’t believe that’s how God intended days of celebration. Sure, days like this are man-made and have historical significance, but the Lord penetrates every part of life, and He IS love, so my point still holds. 

I believe that the Lord loves to bless us. He brings people into our lives to encourage, teach, challenge and show us our value. Sometimes those people are present just for short seasons, and some are for long seasons…..long seasons being a lifetime. And God has His own timing system too, if you weren’t aware of that (surprise surprise!)… 

Soooooo, don’t fret this valentine’s day. Be thankful for your friends who get to enjoy being lavished upon. Don’t worry about not having a guy turn up outside your class with 100 flowers. And….if you really need to cry, let it out. Eat some chocolate! Down a carton of ice cream! Watch a romcom and weep! (Just don’t complain about doing so)  


Women of the marriage factory: focus on joy today. The Lord has put a song in your heart. He is continually making you new, preparing you for the next step. Put your trust in Him. Guard that precious heart of yours. Don’t say yes to the first person who asks you out in a frenzy. Be wise with your words, be careful with your heart.


A “Valentine from Jesus” that was sent to me by a sweet lady today:

“(Insert name), I love you. You are mine. Your name is written upon My heart. Your prayers are precious to Me. Your life is in My hands. I am always with you, nearer to you than your own heart. I gave My life so that you might live forever with Me. All I ask in return is your love. Be My Valentine, Jesus.” 


“Therefore, holy [sisters], who share in the heavenly calling, fix your thoughts on Jesus”

— Hebrews 3:1