I’ve already written a blog post about my friends…. but now I’m going to show you some pictures! Yaaaaaaaay! How exciting. You probably don’t want to, but take a look if you’d like.

High school yearbook staff. Solid, talented geniuses.

My sissy’s. How beautiful are they!?

Ash and Kings. Summer time. Church. Perfect.

This was an incredible night. Spontaneous singing, so much laughter, beautiful views, welcoming audience, great friends.

What an encourager is Hayden!

Jeremy is such a fun name to say in French.

Katy and Katie. That’s about it. Love them so so much.


Rebecca is my favourite. Alto 1 section leader and great friend.

Sweet Liza is working at a camp this summer. Miss her!

Love these graduates. Sweet girls who were so welcoming in choir!

Jules. What a girl. So much spunk and talent.

Miss Sadie is getting married next year! She was on my hall this year, and we just clicked. Cherish this friendship.

Best friends since the beginning, although Madeline is missing from this picture. Couldn’t make it without these crazy kids!

We’ve had our ups and downs, but Kingslea is one of my best friends and has been for almost 7 years! Thankful for you, friend.

Bestest friends at school. Love you girls.

My sweet roomie! We’re unusually alike that sometimes it’s scary. Kirsten is the best!

Fellow JMC majors. Met them the first week! Hilarious friends

Here we are. First year of college complete with group skyping! Necessary.

Great friends from home.

AAAHHH. Love this picture and these people and this place.

Brian and I made it up the Eiffel Tower! Sort of conquered our fear of heights. In reality, we’re still terrified. But it was fun.

Pretty sure I’ll have these friends for life.

ALTO 1’s. Super great.

My GREAT family. Couldn’t have a better one! Saved the best picture for last.